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Gain Better Reliability, Shorter Outages and Deeper Insights


Cost effective intelligent line sensors provide deeper insights into the health of the grid.

Veregy is at the forefront of helping leading North American utilities in managing their line sensor projects from initiation through deployment, acceptance and transition to the operations center. 

A Veregy created and exclusive cost-benefit analysis can help you quantify line sensor benefits.

Veregy is the leading turnkey services provider for line sensor acquisition and deployment


We integrate your line sensor technology and business technology teams

Fast & Cost Efficient

Our knowledge and skills enable benefits and ROI faster

Open and Adaptable

Our broad product and solution expertise makes us open and adaptable to the utility's product and vendor selections

Line sensor installations require efficient deployment and commissioning processes. To be cost effective and successful, Veregy's turnkey approach helps utilities to identify and eliminate inefficient one-by-one technical design, unnecessary and unique configuration and unrepeatable test processes.

Vendor Selection and Management

Program Management





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