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Financial models are integral tools for clarifying business needs and identifying cost-based priorities in the decision making process.  


We design and build innovative models precisely tailored to achieve your unique goals for activity based costing and capital project management.

Effectively Manage Your Project Costs

Veregy provides and extensive library of existing industry data and financial models to accelerate your planning needs.  


Models specifically designed for the utility industry can be adjusted to fit the precise business requirements determined during the Strategic and Business Planning phase.  

This enables us to start working on your projects with an important head start to accelerate achieving your business objectives.

Model Templates

Business plans, new products and services development, project financials

Market segment and customer profitability analysis

Competitive pricing analysis

Technology design 

and supporting operating costs

Operational benchmark comparisons

Lease versus buy analysis

Technology sales tools for demonstrating value of potential businesses

The models integrate marketplace dynamics, revenue and cost drivers, economic and technical considerations and competitive trends to generate robust clear-cut outputs.

The results contain full financial statement and operation metrics to guide the implementation of best solutions.

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